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left barSexual Violence can have serious medical and health consequences for the victim and her family.  The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) tab explains the key role of the SANE in a coordinated Sexual Assault Response Team (SART);  SANE certification; and the SANE Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE).


Information and resources about the major sexually transmitted diseases is contained in the Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) tab. 


The HIPPA and Subpoenas tab contains information about confidentiality, court orders, subpoenas, and discovery requests.



SAFESTAR is a unique model of care that draws upon the strength and resilience of Indigenous women to put an end to sexual violence and to provide compassionate, holistic care for women and teen victims.




Specially selected and qualified Native women learn the skills necessary to:


Deliver emergency First Aid to sexual assault survivors
Provide referrals for follow-up medical and other care
Educate communities on the harm caused by sexual violence and lead the way back to healthy, respectful ways of living
Collect sexual assault forensic evidence "rape kits" to promote accountability for perpetrators
The Health Consequences tab has information and resources about the myriad adverse health consequences associated with sexual violence including general physical injuries arising from the assault; genital injuries; gynecological complications; bleeding; infection; pelvic pain; pelvic inflammatory disease; infertility; and urinary tract infections. It is important to note that victims of sexual assault are more likely than the general population to suffer from chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and gastrointestinal diseases as a result of their trauma.



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HIPAA and Subpoenas


Resource for Health Care Professionals

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